Having satisfied my personal need to address environmental and societal issues, I decided to shift focus of my work to less heavy content. This is the age of space and technology, and some of my favorite shapes lend themselves to developing statements dealing with those subjects in my paintings. Notions of the quick, sleekness of the here and now were played across stable, aged forms. Illusions of both deep and shallow space on the forms themselves were explored. Color and textures were examined afresh. New combinations of different forms in order to achieve large compositions were introduced.

Course of the Rivers
Earth Mark
Earth Mark
High Noon ( Ceremonial Landscape)
Newgrange Modern
Night Pleasures
Passage East
Sunrise/Sunset, First Day, Unexpected Trip and Seniors
Wooster Student with Night Pleasures and Course of the Rivers
Shimmering Space
Tiger, Tiger
Winner's Game II

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