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Paintings in Two & Three Dimensions

Photo by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.


In my art I am committed to bold ideas housed in fresh, forward looking form.

Fascinated with the concept of constant change, I find myself frequently drawn to the subject of nature and the environment, complete with its destructions, renewals and evolving order. Eons of time and boundless space can be compressed into words and thoughts, and erupt into a complex history of relationships and survivals. In thrall with such ideas, I knowingly orchestrate compositions which have, at their base, a philosophy of sparking, spluttering life of some sort, ever morphing and moving forward.

Oriented as I am toward newness, my paintings turn out to be experiments permeated with elements of life, including the human spirit. Such spirit, forever being tested by chance, recreates itself as it moves along its path of survival. In the end, I intend my art to be a visual manifestation of our knowingly positive attitude toward life, and our very human ability to experience joy and recognize beauty in a variety of forms.

Ruth B. Bercaw

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